X-31 shockwave drone review


In the earlier days, helicopters were used to shoot videos in aerial view, but now they are replaced with drones to shoot cinematic footage .Many new models are coming into the market with new features.

When you go for trekking or a vacation to any coastal regions where you want to take cinematic shots, then the X-31 shockwave drone is one of the best budget-friendly and powerful devices.

This is also suitable for content creators on TikTok, Instagram, and youtube beginners.

In the beginning, when drones were invented, they were big in size, but now you can carry them in your pants pockets. they need to carry in a separate bag which is extra luggage.

They come with a remote by which you can control them. If you are checking for the best one it is one of the best device according to my recommendation. Sky rider X-31 is manufactured by sky rider company..which also manufactures many other quadcopters models. 

If you love to shoot aerial photos of mountains and buildings. This will be an ideal solution for those who want to take aerial snaps because of its easy operation, holding high altitudes, and budget-friendly. This comes with a high-quality HD camera, which gives crisp and detailed clear footage.

X-31 shockwave drone features  

6-axis gyroscope:

Unlike other small drones, which have only three or four-axis rotations, this comes with a 6-axis which helps us to shoot in portrait mode. This feature is handy to shoot cinematic clips. This gyroscope helps drone in stabilization.

Free app for wifi viewing : 

There are some other companies which provide pilot apps in a paid subscription mode. But the X-31 comes with a free app for wifi viewing.this helps the pilots to see all the details like altitude, speed, battery level, and other options.

Adjustable angle wifi camera : 

This will comes with an adjustable camera feature,where you can adjust the angle of the sensor based on the requirement. You can change the angle with a remote joystick.

Altitude hold : 

Altitude hold is one of its unique features, which keeps it distinct from other models. When you are at a certain height, if you want to take shots from that level, you can hold at that altitude and change modes to take the best pictures. Control distance: 

It comes with 328 feet controllable distance with wifi or remote.in a budget-friendly camera; this is the highest distance a drone can fly.

Operating time: 6-8 minutes  :

With one full charge, you can have an average flying time of 6-8 minutes which is good compared to other models in the market.

Charge time: 

It takes 70-90 minutes for one full charge.If you have a combo pack, you can charge all batteries and have a flying time of 25-30 min.

In the controller use the AA batteries, which are available in the store. They can also be recharged if you buy rechargeable batteries.

360° degree Flip:

With one click on the controller, you can take 360°s shot.it is the best feature to get 360° flip footage.

 3-speed modes :

X-31 shockwave drone comes with three-speed modes low,medium and high.in the low speed, your flight will move at smooth and controllable speed.to activate this, click on the speed button when it beeps once.

The medium speed mode activates with a twice beep where it responds faster to control inputs.

The final high speed is where your flight moves at high speeds.where remote beeps three times to indicate high speed.


Model: Skyrider X-31 shockwave drone

Manufacturer: Sky rider company

weight:‎0.32 ounces

Battery:Rechargeable battery 

Remote:2.4 GHz remote control

Steps to Calibrate and link Remote:

Before starting flying a drone, it should be linked with a remote and the camera should be calibrated.

Step1: Power ON the drone and place it on a flat surface.The light blinks continuously until it signals from the remote. make sure the device is facing towards you for better calibration.

Step2: Power ON the remote .Small lights blink on the remote and search for a its signal. A beep sound is made after linking is completed.

Step3: When both are linked, move the left control stick on the remote forward a beep sound comes later. Move back the control stick, and another beep sound comes.

Step4: To start/stop the rotors push the sticks on the remote downwards or outside . Once it starts to rotate, you are ready to fly.

Tips for safe flying:

1. It is recommended to practise all low altitudes before you become perfect in flying at higher speeds and altitudes.

2. Fly in an open area without obstacles, buildings and trees.

3. When you are flying in indoor areas keep a 2-3 feet distance from walls and other equipment . 

4. you should not fly drones in no fly zone areas . Check if your locality is in a no-fly zone area? Before flying.

5. If you face any trouble while flying or the rotor is stuck in any obstacle, power off the and take the device out from the challenges.

6. Flying in the night time is not recommended

7. Never try to pass through the small gaps.


In the end, these are used to get aerial view footage. It has made a great change in the cinematography and photography. You can choose the x-31 shock wave as your first option.

Because of its features, and specifications, it is highly suggested. features like 360 degrees flip and more flying time, this will stands in the list.


1. How do you start a Shockwave drone X-31?

Toggle the button on the body ON. Small lights blink on the body. it searches to connect with the remote through wifi. After connecting, push the two sticks downwards to start the drone.

2.How many hours should I charge my drone?

Based on the capacity of the battery, you should charge your drone. Commonly it should be charged 60-90 min.

3.x-31 shockwave drone camera quality?

The camera quality of X-31 shockwave is High Definition(HD) with 720p and 1080p quality.

4. What is the lifespan of a drone battery?

The lifespan of a drone battery will be 200-250 cycles. after this the battery will lose charging very fast .

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