Why my redmi phone is switch off automatically and not turning on

why my redmi phone is switch off automatically and not turning on


Redmi is one of the most popular brand smartphone brand in the world. Because of its low cost and best features, users choosing redmi mobiles over other brand mobiles.

These phones uses android as their operating system. Usually, android devices will gets some technical issues. One of the issue people often tell is their redmi phone is automatically turning off and then it will never turn on. So today, we will discuss how to solve this problem.

Some Basic troubleshoot for automatic switch off

If your phone is switching off automatically, there might be an issue with the software update. So first of all, check for software updates.

Software Update

If there are any software updates are available, then update the phone. To check whether a software update is available or not.

Then simply go to settings, then scroll down you will find the software update option, click on the software update,.

And there it will show if any software updates are available or not. Before updating the software make sure your device has enough battery, and connect with wifi network.

Soft/Hard Reset

Soft reset is nothing but a restart, which will help the mobile phone to restart all the components.You can find the restart option by pressing the power button few seconds.

You will see an option saying restart after holding for 5 to 10 seconds. Simply click on the restart button to restart your device.

Now check whether you device is causing the same problem or not.After doing the above steps still, if your facing the same problem, then you need to perform a hard reset.

hard reset is a process of formatting and resetting your device. The hard reset erases all of your data, so first try the above steps, then use this as the last option.

If you want to do a hard reset, make sure that you back up all your images, videos and contacts data. Once you hit the reset button there is no way that you will get your files back, so backup all your data before resetting. To do a hard reset, charge your phone to at least 60 percent.

Then go to settings in your phone. In the settings tab, scroll down you will see about phone option. Click the about phone option, and you will see the factory reset option click the “delete all data” option-click button, it will asks you enter the pin and confirm, enter the password and click the confirm. Then your phone will reset, and it will restart automatically.

Here is some additional information about the causes of automatic restart

The most common problem of every smartphone is that it easily gets over heated. This is due to the excessive use of smartphones and playing heavy games while charging. This makes the processor go super hot, which makes it eventually unable to process the data.

If your phone is overheating constantly, it is better to cool down your phone while using it. Just turn off the internet and keep the phone aside until it cools down.If your phone’s internal storage is occupied and has less free storage to run the os.

Then the phone will hang and freezes. Usually, every android phone needs some free storage to run the apps and software. Clean the system cache by going into the settings section. Delete unwanted data to free up storage.

Restrict the apps that are running in the background. Sometimes, these apps consume more storage. This will cause the processor to overload. So restrict the background running apps by going into settings and then going to app management.

There you will see a list of apps in that list, select the apps which you are not using then click the force stop button. Sometimes few harmful apps that are running in the background can steal your data, so disable apps that you are not using.

after trying all these troubleshooting still you are facing the same problem then contact the customer care.

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What do I do if my phone charger is plugged in but not charging?

Check that the adapter is working properly. Use other device adapter and cable. Restart the device and plug in the charger. If the mobile is still not charging then it is advised to visit the nearest service center.

Why my phone is switching off while calling?

This is due to proximity sensor issue, make sure proximity sensor is not blocked by screen protector or any other objects. Disable and enable proximity censor to do this go to settings then go to system apps setting then go to call settings in that you will find the proximity censor diable option.

How do I stop my Android from turning off?

The default turning-off time for every mobile is 15 seconds. If you want to increase the turning off time of your mobile, then follow the steps. Click on the settings button, then go to display and brightness option click on that, then you will screen off time, click on that option and change the time according to your requirements.

Why does my phone keep having charging problems?

check your charging cable and adapter condition. make sure your battery health condition is good and update your phone with the latest software. use a brand-provided charger for better battery life. if you still experience the charging problem it is advised to visit the brand authorized service center.

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