What will laptops be like 20 years in the future

what will laptops be like 20 years in the future

The evolution of laptops has been significantly changed over the past 30 years. The first ever laptop was built in 1981. It is named Osborne 1. the specifications of Osborne 1 are that it has five inch display, two floppy disks, a modem and battery pack, and a built in keyboard.

The weight of this device is 11 kg, and the cost is 1.795 dollars. Current models have a 4k display, 32GB RAM and 5ghz processors.

What will laptops be like 20 years in the future

The future laptops will come with improved technology and advanced features like all day battery. These will come with improved microphones and webcams. And we will see more dual screen laptops are everywhere, and the new trend of the dual screen is going to change the future.

Microsoft has launched Surface Neo, and it became a successful concept so that other brands can use this concept for their brand.We will see 6G support in future laptops. As of now, there is no 4G or 5G support in the current models.

we can expect them with high speed 6G support and super fast internet connectivity. Augmented reality in laptops, Augmented reality technology is rapidly growing over time, the AR is going to be more like regular glasses, where user can use their glasses to control their daily activities.

Top companies are trying to combine tablets with laptops to give more better experience for users by reducing their cost of buying. Future devices will come with excellent audio and video quality features. Currently, Apple provides the best audio and video experience for users with their devices.

HD to full HD cameras are only available in high end systems.There will be many improvements in the display, keyboard and internet connection. these devices are providing wireless technology to connect with external monitors, and these features are going to be redesigned, may be we can see foldable display.

in future these devices are going to be lighter in weight and compact in size, and more portable than now. Rollable and flexible displays are going to change the world. In a recent tech fair, Lenovo introduced its first flexible model, and they claim that this is the world’s first foldable laptop.

These will come with a 13.3inch POLED display, which can be used as a foldable display. Dell also introduces its latest thoughts on foldable designs with Concept Ori. this design will fold inwards and in different modes.

Have you ever wondered how laptops will look after 20 years or 30 years?

In future, we are going to have a pocket PC, and now you are carrying your cameras in your pocket. In future, you can bring your PC with advanced features. In future designs, many features are taken from smartphones, like touchscreens, face recognition, and fingerprint lock unlock system.

Windows in future, along with the hardware revolution, the windows software also evolves with the next gen features. Microsoft is already testing the advanced feature with its windows operating system. for example, mobile app support and 4G support directly on a laptop.

Artificial intelligence is the main focus for both Mac OS and Windows OS, and AI is a rapidly growing technology. The most famous Artificial intelligence applications of windows and mac are Cortana and Siri, assistants. We can expect a more natural conversation with these AI assistants.

In the future, cybersecurity attacks also increase. To avoid these security attacks, we need excellent firewalls. These operating system manufacturers are trying to build OS with advanced security features.

Windows and macOS will continue to dominate the Operating System market in future. Apple is looking to build all in OS for both smartphones and laptops. This makes developers easily use apps between IpadOS and macOS, and apple recently launched ARM-based Macbook models.

Processors are the heart of every electronic device. with a current fight between AMD and Intel. We can expect more advanced processors in the future. Intel is introducing its 7nm based processors, and AMD is developing its Zen 3 based processors.

So AMD is the biggest rival for Intel in future. And our processors will become smaller and more powerful in future. Storage also plays a big part in future technology. We can expect super fast SSDs.

We are entering into next generation innovation in the hardware and software. In coming next ten to twenty years, our devices will become thinner and more compact in size and more faster than ever and long battery life. we can say that these systems will work as close to our daily smartphones.

As 2023 is already showing, there will be more options beyond common devices, we can expect 2 in 1 and and covertable models. there will be flexible displays and rollable display devices in laptops.

AI is going to change the entire electronic industry with its advanced features, it makes them more powerful and interactive. in the coming years, we will use more voice commands than keyboard.


In conclusion, coming ten to twenty years of period we can expect many changes and advancements in the laptop industry. in future laptops will have flexible displays, super fast processors and long lasting battery life, and excellent video and audio quality features.


What will laptops be like in 2030?

The laptops in 2030 will have more advanced feature that we could ever imagine. we can expect them with flexible displays and AI processors.

What will laptops look like in the future?

Future laptops will have super fast processors, and they will be in small and light in weight. the design of these will change drastically, they will be more comfortable and easy to use

What would be computer like in 2050?

The future computers are going to be more advanced than ever, they will be available with superfast processors and more power efficient and super fast graphic cards.

the transistors in the processors are going to be double twenty times according Moores law. This makes the processor work at the most instantaneous frequency at its peak performance.

What will computers do in 2040?

In the year 2040, we can be expected to see supercomputers working; these supercomputers will work a million times faster than our standard computers. These supercomputers are capable of doing tasks that are impossible for regular computers. The calculations in the supercomputer can be done within a few seconds.

How will computer change our world 20 years from now?

we can expect to see advanced computers in the future, where size of the device will going to shrink and more features will be added

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