What will gaming be like in 30 years

What will gaming be like in 30 years

As the technology develops the gaming industry will have many changes which will leap your experience into a 3D format, where you can experience a real-time game. From the 1970’s, the gaming has made so many changes in the gameplay from arcade to the virtual reality games.

So, what will gaming be like after three years? Here I will discuss some of the potential changes in this industry by 2050.It is very important to note that the this industry is growing very rapidly with high graphics and sound quality.

The pictures are becoming more realistic day by day, and the excellent quality is improved very much. With the innovation of the new technology virtuality, the real experience has become more interesting. By next 30 years, we can will many innovative technologies in this field.

Gaming Simulators:

With the advancements in every industry, not only the experience to our eyes, we need to have a physical experience. For many years simulators have been used by gamers. and virtual reality is going to play major role in the gaming industry

Still, they are costly and are not available and affordable for everyone. many research is conducting to make the simulators less expensive and open to everyone.

Cricket Joystick:

Cricket is played by many people worldwide, and it is one of the most played games.to play cricket, we use the bat on the ground. Still, to play a cricket video game, we need to have that feeling of playing with a bat.

To solve this problem, many companies have launched cricket-playing joysticks, which we need to catch like bat to play game with motion gestures, so that we can experience the real game. the advancement of this technology by 2050 will make more changes of the experience.

these are the new innovations and the advancements in the technology we can see in this industry. as the growth thy need to be accessible to everyone because of the expensive equipment. Advances in devices like mobiles and tablets will also make them accessible to everyone.

Not only is the development and accessibility of this, but it is also becoming social in the future .by now, some part of gaming has become social with online games.

During the lockdown period, many people were at home, and they all started to play online games through many sources, which has increased gaming.

This will be more common after 30 years. there will be specially designed games to play online through the internet.Many games, like COD, PUBG etc., have become online to play with others through voice chats and text which is increasing the gaming experience.

People are earning through online gaming and becoming full-time gamers.Along with the advantages, there will be many disadvantages of the technology to the people. One of the main potential risks is the health of playing games continuously and more screen time which affects the eyes and causes many problems.

this addiction is also another risk, this will have a tremendous negative impact in the personal and professional life. they neglect their responsibilities and work to play the games we need to control and make a time to play.

With the increase in the technology, gamers also need to take care of their health with the required measures to be healthy. Not only these, but the gamers also need to be aware of other risks in gaming. A beginner who starts needs to be mindful of the frauds and the scams which will make a significant loss.

check out list of most downoaded games, which has more than 1 billion downloads on both play store and app store.

What are the games that have 1 billion downloads

What are the games that have 1 billion downloads

In the earlier days, there was no availability of smartphones, but now it is available to everyone. The gaming industry is becoming one of the best ways of entertainment. There are many games with millions of downloads on mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

With easy access to mobiles and other devices, these are becoming more popular year by year. Every game development company’s dream is to reach one billion downloads.

Achieving 1 billion downloads is a milestone for every Game. This number represents the number of people who installed the Game and experienced it.

Only a few till now have reached 1 billion downloads for their games. In this, we will discuss the games that have 1 billion downloads in less time. Through this, new game developers can get insights into the gaming industry.

Games which has 1 billion downloads 

1. Subway surfers 

subway surfer mobile game developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. This was released on 24th May 2012 for IOS devices, but later this was developed for android, windows, and others.

Very frequently, there will be updates in these Games adding new features to this. Jake,Tricky and fresh are three graffiti artists trying to escape from the railway inspector after making graffiti on the trains without permission.

Unlike other games, this will be very color full and very interactive with streets, moving trains, coins, and boost powers.

One of the best features which lead Subway surfers more success is easy-to-learn gameplay. We can play them with a single hand only.

Even children can learn how to play games within less time. The mechanics behind the Game are very easy to understand.

The other reason which contributed to the success of the Subway surfers is its more vibrant colors and best sound effects while collecting coins, jumping from one train to another, etc. 

As of March 2023, there are more than 2.8 billion downloads worldwide for this Game. making one of the most downloaded Games. This Game has been in the top 10 in the app and play stores.

2. Candy Crush saga 

Candy crush saga is a puzzle game with over 1 billion downloads. This Game was developed by King game development company in the year 2012.

There are many levels in this Game, where each level has a different objective where the player needs to progress to move to the next level.

Initially, the candy crush saga game was released on facebook gaming because of more visitors and players on the Facebook platform. The developers expanded this as an application to IOS, android, and windows operating systems.

There are some  factors that made it a success

  1. the game design is very addictive and encourages players to finish more and more levels.
  2. Level of difficulty will increase level by level where it making players more and more active in playing 
  3. Accessibility is also one of the factors which made it successful.it is free to download for the play store or app store without any payments.

Players can also connect with their friends on Facebook and share their scores with them or in the community pages.

By 2023 march Candy crush saga will have over 1.2 Billion downloads, and their estimated revenue is $1 billion a year. During the lockdown period, there is a rise in the downloads as everyone is sitting at home without any work.


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a popular multiplayer battle game for multiplayer. This was developed by PUBG corporation, a South Korean video gaming blue hole.

At first, this Game was developed for the PC version in the year 2017, but later because of the popularity and demand, it was launched for IOS and android also.

This is a multiplayer game that is free to play. You can choose a solo, duo or team of four members to play the Game. This is an online game where you can connect with your Facebook friends and play squad matches.

By 2023 march it had more than one billion downloads worldwide. Making it one of the most popular multiplayer games. This is ranking top in both IOS and android stores.

PUBG includes weapons,different types of vehicles. Helicopter etc.the size of the playing area will be different for every new match, which makes it a unique and new experience.

This Game is inspired by “Battle Royale,” a Japanese film where some students are kept on an island and forced to death. The creator of the Game is a fan of this film. After reviews from the gamers and critics, they launched a mobile version in 2018.

4.Temple Run 2

This is an endless game that was released in 2013 by Imagine studios gaming company.The concept of the games deals with escaping from the forest. This was developed by husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia luckyanova.

This is a sequel game to Temple run which was released by Imagine studios in 2011. They made Temple run 2 more engaging than Temple Run.

As of 2023, it has more than 1 billion downloads with a 4.5 star rating in the app store and playstore.this also got many awards including Best Mobile Game at the 2013 BAFTA video games and children’s favourite award in 2014.

The concept deals with the player as an explorer and he has to escape from the forest where a group of demonic monkeys is chasing him.It involves jumping,running and sliding through many obstacles.

It has two factors that made it more successful. That first everyone has played the Temple run original and is eager to play the sequel version. And the other is the advancement in the sound effects and quality of graphics which made it more engaging.


Call of duty is popularly known as COD. This is a first-person video shooting game that was developed by Infinity Ward and Published by Activision in the year 2003. many new changes and improvements have been made in them .

This Game allows the player to act as a soldier and play in different campaigns assigned to him like world war II, the cold war, and many others.

These Games move around different terrains with advanced weapons, improved graphics and storylines.

The Game has sold more than 1 billion copies worldwide. This popularity has extended to mobile devices also. With release in 2019, the Game reached 100 million downloads within a week.

This made a milestone for the company. by 2021 it has reached 500 million downloads. This Game is also available on different platforms like playstation,Xbox, etc.


The gaming industry has come along in its journey from the beginning to the advancements in technology. as we are looking for the future, we may see many changes in the field of technology, infrastructure and many other things.

By today by the innovation of Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and gaming simulators has made the gaming experience to next level which is making the gamers more immersive in the game.

Along with the accessibility through the mobiles and tablets, the number of users is increasing.With the exciting advancements, there will be potential risks to be faced by the gamers, such as addiction, scams, violence, and cost. measures to be taken by them to avoid these risks to be successful.

As we move forward in the future of this industry, it is very important to innovate and push the boundaries as much as possible.

the new innovations until now are very useful there will be mor new technologies in the industry and everyone need to be aware of the new technologies to make their growth in this field.

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