What technology will not exist in 10 years

What technology will not exist in 10 years?

What technology will not exist in 10 years?

It will be very eager for everyone to think about the future .as we continue to innovate new technologies and services into the market, and here we will discuss whether the technology will not exist in 10 years.

Traditional TV, Flash, java applets, DVD and Blue-Ray players, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Passwords, Traditional Car keys etc.In this fast-growing world with n innovations, new technology is rapidly changing and evolving daily.

The technologies which are cutting-edges will become outdated after some years. With innovations in the market, some of the old technologies will not exist. They are obsolete, but some will have their importance for many years with some changes.

Traditional TV:

Television was first invented with black and white display long years ago. And it has been a fixture in the household for many decades. After black and white, they developed colour displays with a massive box behind the screen.

But after this, big box TVs are changed into slim thin panel television with many innovative features.New models like LED, OLED, and Smart with android have been innovated in new models which replaced traditional TVs.

Many other technologies may come with invisible displays. We can see films etc.Not only the TV models but also the streaming services also changed a lot of ways of consuming content.

In the coming ten years, we can see that traditional televisions will get replaced by new models,streaming services and online content.


In the previous year, the elements in the websites, animations and online games have been developed using Flash software technology. This software was introduced into market by adobe in 1996 and it became very popular because of its ease of use and versatility.

over the past decade. Internet usage has grown very high, and everyone is using online services for their needs. This software is mainly facing problems with security, vulnerability and low compatibility with mobiles.

Issues which surfing through the sites which were developed with the FLASH technology. Because of this, google chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and other search engines stopped supporting these software websites in the year 2020.

Adobe also announced that it would not provide any updates and services for this software after December 31, 2020. this will replace many new modern technologies in the next ten years, and it will not exist in the market.

Java Applets:

Elements play an essential role in website design. Adding interactive features to the website makes it a good website. To add interactive elements to the websites, some software was used.

Java Applets is a software used to add elements to a website.Elements such as animations and games are added to sites. This software was developed using java language, and it can run on any browser.

As the java virtual machine is installed, this is very widely used by many developers. Still, as new technologies are emerging in the market because of fewer security concerns it, stays back.

This java applet can be easily exploited by hackers, so they are not used in modern developments like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. with these issues in the software, java applets have become obsolete and being phased out.

DVD and Blue-Ray players:

DVD and Blu-Ray players are one of the staple devices in many households, providing a convenient way to watch films and tv shows at home, because of the online streaming platforms like AHA, Netflix, Disney Hot star etc. These devices are becoming less popular.

The traditional DVD and Blu-Ray players use disks that stores the data, which need to be bought for every new film. But unlike this, the streaming services provide various types of content accessed at any time through the internet, which makes cost-effective and convenient to customers.

Also, laptops and new computers will no longer have DVD drives. this device will become obsolete in the next ten years with cloud storage and pen drives. This shift not only makes it cost-effective but also reduces the impact on the environment like production wastage, plastic, pollution, packaging, and shipping.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP):

For many years till 20’s we all have been transferring files from one computer to another computer with file transfer protocol (FTP). FTP is the process of sharing the data from one host to another host over the internet networks .it was developed in the 1970s and has been prevalent till past decade.

this allows the user to upload and download the file where you can have other operations such as renaming files, file permission changing and other.

this is becoming less popular because of its vulnerability, safety issues where it can be easily exploited by the hackers. This is being slowly phasing out day by day, replacing with new and safe transfer technologies.

Traditional Car Keys:

The essential element to drive a vehicle is Key. the traditional car keys have been used for many years as a standard way of unlocking and starting a car. These keys are mainly made up of metal such as copper, steel which are designed to fit in the ignition switch, which enables the driver to start the car.

The traditional keys are very reliable for many years. Along with this, they also have many disadvantages when compared to modern legends.

one of the best examples is misplacing or forgetting keys makes a frustrating situation .to avoid this kind of problem. Modern technology is evolving. New technologies like unlocking with mobiles phone, Bluetooth connectivity etc. are some of the technologies.

Because of this the car manufacturing companies are making keyless entry technologies in their new models.This system has more convenience and security when compared to traditional methods.

What technology will have the biggest impact in the future

The world as people know it will change significantly as new technologies are made. What you used to see in Sci-Fi movies is quickly becoming real.

Even though currently we don’t have flying cars avialable yet, but there are some plans for everything you can ever imagine, from self-driving cars to artificial intelligence (AI) in real world.

Here we’ll talk about the top 5 new technologies that will change the human life in the future.


A blockchain is a distributed ledger that comprises an ever-growing list of records or blocks, which are securely linked through cryptographic hashes.

Each block contains a unique cryptographic hash of the preceding block, along with a timestamp and transaction data, often arranged in the form of a Merkle tree, with the leaves representing data nodes. The timestamp serves as evidence that the transaction data existed at the time the block was created.

As each block contains information from the previous block or data, they form a chain, which will looks similar to a linked list data structure, with each subsequent block building on the preceding one.

Therefore, altering the data in any given block retroactively is not possible without also altering all the subsequent blocks, making blockchain transactions irreversible.

The technology that drives popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is known as Blockchain. The technology that drives popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is known as Blockchain.

because of wide popularity of these digital currencies and crypto currencies, only a few people around the world knows about these block chain technologies.

A P2P network and high security encryption are utilized by blockchain technology to ensure the safety and security of all information in a decentralized online transaction system.

Think of it as a giant Excel file that is stored and shared on all the computers on the Blockchain, but no one owns it (a gov or a local bank). that is why block chain most secured network.

There have been suggestions to use private blockchains for business purposes. However, Computerworld has criticized the marketing of such privatized blockchains without a robust security model as “snake oil.”

On the other hand, some experts contend that permissioned blockchains, if designed meticulously, could potentially be more decentralized and, consequently, more secure in practice than permissionless ones.

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing but combination of electronics and sensors, which will communicates over a internet using cloud services to share data between different devices. further these data is used to do specific tasks.

Third parties are sometimes a part of this network and can offer users insights and services. IoT objects could range from a sensor that watches over a pump in a factory to the mobile phone you are using to unlock your car or home.

IoT is opening up the door to opportunities about more than just making individual processes better and more digital.

Businesses need to be willing to build new operational and business models around connections of connected devices if they want to do well.

IoT can be used in almost any way you can. The essence of “smart homes” and “Industry 4.0” lies in IoT. Moreover, IoT sensors have the potential to develop automated systems that can monitor and control diverse manufacturing and business operations.

More and more analytics platforms use IoT data to give valuable insights and new user interfaces for hardware or products, “wearables” for animals or people, and the environments where they live.


A drone is an unmanned plane that can fly (or dive) on its own with the help of a software or be controlled by people from a distance. Basically , drones can be used to search, keep an eye on, and movement of people.

Several Norwegian companies are at the forefront of developing and selling surveillance drones, and the Norwegian government has adopted its own drone strategy to create a good environment for using drones and for the drone sector to grow.

Companies are investing funds in drone technology to explore its potential for enhancing their operational efficiency and providing them with access to improved and novel data.

Several retail and logistic support companies in Norway and around the world are already looking into how drones can help with faster and cheaper delivery.

Also, a number of companies in the oil and gas, energy, and industrial production industries use drones to keep an eye on infrastructure like refineries and power cable networks and quickly collect important data.


Technology is constantly evolving year by year. We are seeing new technologies within a year. As we are progressing with new technologies some old technologies are becoming replaced with other software.

in the next ten years, we can expect that traditional TV, flash, java applets. And some, like passwords, cash and credit cards, retail stores, desktop computers etc., will be replaced by the new technologies.

As technology is advancing, we can expect very innovative and modern technologies changes the world in the next ten years we discussed only some of them. There are many others where new modern innovations are replacing the traditional method.


What is the most important technology in the world

based on the usage and possibilities of future usage, artificial intelligence is the most important and popular technology in the world

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