What is The Future of Mobile App Development in 2022 and beyond?

What is The Future of Mobile App Development in 2022 and beyond?

Smartphone users are rapidly growing year by year. Compared with previous years, smartphone users are doubling every year, making it one of the fastest growing industry. there are millions of mobile apps are available on both android and IOS stores.

Every day thousands of applications are uploading on both play store and app stores. If you are an application developer, it is most important to stay updated with the latest trends.

In the year 2021 users downloaded more than 28 billion from play store and 7.9 million apps from the appstore. according to some appstore and play store insights, USA users can spend more than $ 30 million. people are spending millions of dollars on application purchases and in-app-purchases.

Globally there are more than 7 billion people are using smartphones, every user downloads tens of applications every day, but they don’t use them every day. So software developers are using news letters and notification to interact with users.

Every day thousands of of applications are uploading in play store and app store. Every new software development start up is trying to catch the trend to acquire more users and compete with the competition.

What is The Future of Mobile App Development in 2022 and beyond?

5G technology

5G is the next big thing in technology evolution. 5G gives the most advanced features to build apps in more fastest way. the speed of 5G is around 1Gbps, this offers low latency and high bandwidth.

The 5G provides features like precise geolocation and reduces battery consumption compared to the 4G network.

And the users of 5G is expected to grow around 1.9 billion by 2024. based on the liftoff statistics by 2025, 20 percent of the world population will use the 5G network. Upcoming all smartphones will come with 5G enable and 5G support features. By the coming year, more than 600 million smartphones will support 5G.

5G technology helps us to build more advanced 3D games, which will be more realistic compared to now what we are playing. It reduces latency in gameplay and makes games to run smoothly.

Artificial Intelligence in app development

Artificial intelligence is nothing but an advanced computing technology which uses computer intelligence to do human work. Ai is used to process a large amount of data which is complex for a human to do.

Artificial intelligence in application development helps developers to personalize the experience for each user to make the application more interactive. The market of artificial intelligence will be around $100 billion in 2022, and it is expected to double in the upcoming years

AR and VR

AR and VR are the most trending technologies in the mobile phone industry. The most popular and well know AR game is Pokemon Go. The success of this game made everyone look at the possibilities of AR in games.

Ikea has AR, which helps its users to see how furniture will look in their houses even before purchasing it.

L’Oreal has an ased on virtual reality which allows its users to try their makeup on their phones.

web-based and Instant apps

Today, every smartphone user wants to try the app before installing it. So app developers are trying to build an instant app experience for users, which attracts more users towards their applications.

While coming to web based, web based applications are nothing but applications that runs on a web server instead of a mobile phone. And these required less time to develop.


The market for wearable devices is rapidly growing. Based on the recent reports there are more than 1 billion plus wearable connected devices will be available by 2022. to make these devices work properly and connect with other devices, apps are important. They act as a communication system between the user and the device.

In North America there are more than 700 million wearable connected devices are there. The estimated units of wearables will be shipped by 2024 is 631 million. Recently google announced its wearable platform called unified wearables. by seeing all these rises in wearable.

IoT and Cloud Integration

The Internet of things and the cloud are the most advanced and popular technologies in the automation industry. They need apps to display information to the user and provide simple communication between the user and the IOT device.

So by, integrating the cloud with IOT will provide excellent opportunities. Software development will help us to combine these two big technologies.

Food and Grocery Delivery Apps

During the lockdown, almost everyone ordered their food online through the food delivery app. the market size of the food delivery business is huge. And it is expected to grow by 320 billion dollar market by 2029. in USA Door Dash is the most used food delivery system

Swift programming language:

swift programming language is a programming language which is used to develop IOS-based apps. Swift provides faster build speeds compared to other programming languages.


What type of apps are in high demand in 2023?

Apps related to AR, VR, and games have the most downloads compared to others.

Is mobile app development still important in 2022?

Yes, mobile apps are always in trending. Every smartphone user needs different types of apps for different needs. Everyday new technology will come, and there are thousands of applications are uploading on the play store and app store

What are the biggest challenges faced by mobile app developers?

Creating apps that are more interactive and serve customer needs. And developing cross platform apps that work on both ios and android platforms. Creating more user interactive and realtime applications which use the latest Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

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