What do you do when your smartwatch stops working

Smartwatches came into the market many years ago, new companies came and introduced new models of smartwatches. as these companies are coming into the market, but no one is solving the main issues in the smartwatches where new issues are evolving day by day.

If You don’t know what to do when your smart watch stops working. All electronic gadgets will face issues like battery life , software issues, or uncleaned charger ports.

Thankfully there are many ways to solve problems that occur to you. you can see the problem that occurred to you from the list.this will make you fix the problem at home.

Why does smartwatch stop working? 

There are many reasons why smart watches stop working. Battery damage, software issue and port damage are a few reasons it stops working.

If it is not at all switching ON, then battery damage will be the primary reason, or because of it may be because of low battery.

When the watch is switched On but no options and buttons are working, then there will be software issues in the smartwatch.

Not only these, but if your watch band is tight or broken in that situation, also it stops working.another reason may be because of no proper charger .by. Charging with the damaged adaptors also, it will not start. 

Problems faced in smartwatches:

Here are the problems you will face while using smartwatches in your daily life.

The battery stops functioning properly

The battery is an important part of smart watches or any electronic item.if this gets damaged, the functioning of the watch will not be proper.

To avoid these kinds of issues, remove your watch from the charger and by holding the power button watch will turn OFF; repeat the same to turn ON and connect it with the android or ios app which supports your watch.

Issue while charging smartwatch

Sometimes there will be a problem while charging it. This will be due to port damage, or the battery may have failed .

To check this once try to charge your watch. If it does not work, replace the battery with a new battery.then reboot the watch and connect it to your device through the app.

Watch application stopped working.

In some cases the application of the watch on the smartphone will not work and show some errors. in that case, follow these steps

1.Go to settings in your mobile

2. Select apps from the settings menu

3. select the watch application and click on Storage

4. click on force stop or uninstall the app

5. Reinstall the application from the google play store and pair it with your watch.

Watch stopped connecting to phone:

Most of the time, you get problems connecting your watch to your smartphone . To solve this , you need to restart your smartwatch and connect it to your phone.

Clear cache in the application and connect it with Bluetooth. If this does not work in your case, install it again in the mobile app and connect it with Bluetooth. This will solve any connectivity issues.

Instructions to replace smartwatch battery

Battery damage will be the main problem that stops smartwatches from working. Replacing the battery will be one solution in that situation.Follow the below instructions to replace your smartwatch battery.

This process will be simple to execute. Be careful while removing the bottom cap of the and, which may break in some cases.

Tools required:

i. Holder

ii. screwdriver

lii. new battery.

iv. Cotton cloth

Step-by-Step Process

1. Remove the band from the watch carefully . It will be very tight, and you cannot remove it easily. Some tools are required to remove it.

2. Remove the battery cover  , which is on the other side of the watch.

What do you do when your smart watch stops working

Press and hold the power button to turn the watch OFF. with the help of a needle or pin from the bezel lift the cover. Then gently, with your finger, remove the cover from the watch and keep it safe.

3. Black plastic cover on the battery will be removed with a screwdriver. After replacing the battery, fix the plastic cover with screws.

4. Put one end of the cable in the charging port and the other into the adapter to charge the smartwatch and backup any lost data.

What do you do when your smart watch stops working

5.Before connecting it to the application, troubleshoot the watch to fix other issues. Then turn ON the smartwatch. Now it will work properly .


This is one of the best solutions to get connected to your smartphone. by this. You will reply to any emergency text and answer calls in any situation they are not working properly. If you don’t know what to do when your smartwatch stops working, follow the above instructions and fix the issues at home .In any issue, troubleshooting is the first step to fix it.


1. How do I force restart my smartwatch?

i. To restart your smartwatch go to the settings menu in the smartwatch.

ii.if you don’t see it, swipe any side to get the settings menu

iii.tap on the restart option to restart

2. How many years does a smartwatch last?

Based on usage, a smartwatch will last three to four years if it is from a brand company. And also, this will depend on many other factors based on model to model and manufacturer.

3. Can we wear smart watch 24 hours?

Yes, you can wear a smartwatch 24 hours, but you should remove it for some time because the skin needs to breathe some air and avoid itching and rashes.

4. Why is my smart watch blank?

if charging is very low, the smartwatch screen will become blank. After charging for some time, brightness increases, Or there will be issues in the software which make the screen black.

5. How do I manually connect my phone to my watch?

Connect the smart watch manually to your phone . Turn ON Bluetooth on your phone. Search for new devices. Your device name will appear in the search list. Click on the device name to connect.

6.Can we take calls from smart watch?

yes, you can make and receive calls using the smartwatch. and you talk with calls that you received on your smartphone. nowadays every smartphone is coming to talking features.

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