What are the four major applications of augmented reality

What are the four major applications of augmented reality?


Augmented reality is a process of integrating digital information with user inputs in the real time.this technology was introduced by Thomas Caudell in the year 1990.

The first ever augmented reality tech was used in a football match in the year 1998 to provide information about players kicking the ball and its path of trajectory.

As of 2020, there are more than 83 million people are using this technology every month In the USA.

Major brands are using this tech to engage with their audience. The most widely known AR applications are google lens and Snapchat filters etc.

Top four major applications of Augmented Reality

AR glasses

Augmented reality glasses are nothing but next gen wearable glasses, which provide more features and interactions with the outer world in real time.

in year 2017 the AR glasses market has increased its growth, and it is growing rapidly at the growth rate of 13 perecnt per year.

The main reason for this tech boom is that these glasses will provide 3D images and real time interaction.Some examples of smart glasses used in this technology are Google Glass 2, Microsoft hola lense 2, Raptor AR headset, and Oculus quest 2.

all these glasses enables users to interact in real time with different objects. and these glasses provides user to track their daily data like emails, texts and other information. This will make it more interesting and easy to use. Users can play videos in real time

Medical Training

Augmented reality helps with different types of medical conditions by classifying the data into various types of surgeries in real time.

This technology helps doctors to identify different possibilities of doing operations in real time in virtual mode.

This feature makes the public to feel a little safe and makes treatment more simple and perfect.The most popular well, known medical example is medical imaging.

In medical imaging, different types of diagnosis are performed by different specialist doctors to understand the patient’s full body and major parts of the body. these body parts are either brain or heart or any other main parts.

AR in Smartphones

this is rapidly growing in mobile industry. AR is providing next gen real time live interaction features. It allows users to interact with 3D images and visuals in the real world.

Augmented reality based apps like Ruler which has more than 5 million plus downloads. By using this technology we can measure the real world product with 100 percent accuracy, this feature helps us in different type works.

And the ruler app is available on both android and IOS devices. The ruler app contains a scale which can be used to measure the product in both centimeters and milli meters.

Some other apps like DecorateAR which uses AR to visualize the interior in real time. and these type of interior AR apps provides user to see how they actually look in their homes without even purchasing them; this makes AR the most powerful future technology.

And user can change the product’s colour and position according to their requirement. The applications like google lens and snapchat use this model to work. Google lens uses this process to convert images into text, or it uses this process to scan an image and convert it into an text to search on google.

And all we know is that Snapchat is one of the most famous applications that uses this technology. Whenever we use any filter, it uses this technology to project the filter.

AR in Education

Augmented reality makes classroom education more interesting and interactive for kids. this will helps students to understand concepts in a better way than previous methods because, this technology allows teachers to project their ideas in the real world with live interaction.

this technology helps teachers to engage with their students. This tech allows students to learn in-depth concepts in a more innovative way. Subjects like science or maths their concepts can be easily explained using AR technology.

few more applications

augmented reality for public safety, where AR based app protects the public from crimes and unknown public violence. Silent Partner is an AR based app which captures dangerous events like disasters from your mobile phone.

And another AR app called iOnRoad Which tracks the vehicle data using GPS and mobile phones. this technology provides various tech support in business logistics. This technology includes transportation and route management.

The most popular DHL logistics company has developed smart glasses, where shows the shortest available route in the warehouse to check and grab required items for shipping.

this provides advanced features for tourism, where users can experience the trip even before going. By using this users can see what will trip looks like in real time. This technology is going to change the worlds what we are seeing today and provide most advanced innovations in future.

How is augmented reality applied in our day to day life

How is augmented reality applied in our day to day life

u ever stop to consider how frequently this occurs? As few of you may already know that, AR enables customers to view computer-generated graphics and images overlaid in the real world.

Despite its prevalence, many of us may not even realize when we are utilizing AR.AR technology is more prevalent in our daily lives than one might expect. It utilizes the surrounding environment and enhances it by adding a layer of information or imagery.

To help you to understand this point, here are five examples of how augmented reality How is augmented reality applied in our day to day life.


The gaming industry has already seen the success of augmented reality and they are using it from past few years. most popular example of this tech game is the Pokemon Go game, which is launched in 2016 and in small time became most popular game of all time.

and pokemon go reached millions of downloads in within few weeks. The app employs GPS-based AR technology to showcase Pokemon characters in the user’s real-world surroundings. The Pokémon Go app has become the most popular daily use of AR.

In the year 2017, the app crossed 60 million active users and they had 84% of all mobile AR consumer spending that year. In the future, video game fans and user may be able to join with their friends in an virtual mode through AR facial recognition, where the technology will replicating their human body as a character in the game.

This concept was demonstrated in the sci-fi film Ready Player One, and would require headsets, glasses, or visors. Users would be able to communicate with their teammates in virtual game space, which allows them to have a virtual game character of themselves within the same virtual game. ar is giving more innovative ideas in gaming industry with it impressive features.


Augmented reality has provided new technology to the shopping and retail sector, where many businesses are using it to create an immersive shopping experience for their customers by creating virtual store.

biggest brands in the world are using this augmented reality to provide better experience for their customers by providing virtual wear.

For instance, the IKEA app and Walmart stores are noteworthy examples. Using the IKEA Place app, shoppers can virtually place furniture in their room to see if it fits and then purchase it.

The app even permits users to view the product from different angles. Today, numerous other apps in the retail and fashion industry enable customers to virtually try on products before making a purchase, aiding them in making informed decisions.

Video Conferencing

Many other apps also enhance the user’s face during video calls.and some video conferencing apps like zoom enables user to change or remove their background at any time in the meeting or call, making it more innovative interesting and interactive experience.

Many other apps also enhance the user’s face during video calls. Furthermore, few video conferencing apps like zoom enable users to change or remove their background at any time of during meeting, making for a more interesting and interactive experience.AR brings latest real features to normal apps, these features makes apps more interactive .


AR technology has also found widespread application in the world of live sports, whether it be on a field, rink, court, or turf.

AR was one of the first technologies praised by mainstream consumers, as it was used to increase viewership by providing additional information during a game.

In this case, AR overlays 3D graphics and interactive visual elements on top of live video footage of the game.

This helps the audience visualize the trajectories of a ball, puck, or player with the help of lines and curves, allowing them to see close calls, fouls, and record-breaking achievements in a much more detailed way than ever before.

As a result, companies are investing in AR research and development to enable individuals to experience the same AR views at home that they see at the stadium.

Moreover, there is a significant development in legal e-sport gambling, which would allow individuals to see a player’s stats, such as their historical performance, in order to engage in professional betting


One of the most common and convenient ways that iPhone X (or newer) users can use AR technology today is by unlocking their phone with their face. Gone are the days of using a thumbprint or pushing a button to access your phone.

These users can also scan their faces to gain access to password-protected sites. Rather than using reset or trying for a forgotten password, which will takes several minutes to process, facial recognition technique can be used as a fast and secure way to log in to any website or app in just a few seconds.

By using this latest AR technology facial recognization we can see instant security features. these features provide simple solutions for our daily needs.

this authorization software gives us most advanced feature which we can use in different technologies, facial recognition software also allows users to authorize payments through popular mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

This applies to both mobile and in-person purchases at stores that have readers for mobile devices. AR payment options can expedite the consumer process, making it faster and more convenient for users.

and this AR feature gives us next gen feature in payment system, which is going to be great revolution


How will augmented reality change our lives?

Augmented realty helps us to simplify our daily essential digital connections by providing excellent features and more interaction with digital world.

What are the different types of AR applications?

AR has high potential in every industry. Here are some AR based applications for medical training, the gaming and entertainment industry, Gaming industry and in smart glasses

Which is the most famous application that uses augmented reality

Google lens is one of the most famous applications that use this technology.

How is augmented reality used in everyday life?

In our daily life, we use apps like Snapchat and google lens to do specific tasks. These applications use this technology.

Which are three examples of augmented reality applications available on Play Store?

Google lens, sketch AR and google translate are the most popular augmented reality based applications

Where is augmented reality used today?

Augmented reality is a future technology that is providing the next gen solutions for modern problems. Today, this is used in different industries like gaining and business. The primary purpose of this technology is to solve various business problems and make them simple.

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