What are some recent developments in AI

What are some recent developments in AI

What is Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence name first announced in 1956 at a conference. The conference is about natural language processing. In the Initial stage,it has been separate technology for past years, but currently, it is combined with other technologies to get the most out of this technology.

Artificial intelligence is simply known as AI. Every new tech startup and big tech companies are working on Advanced models.

AI in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity attacks have been increasing day by day in the past few years. Artificial intelligence can be used to prevent cyber security attacks. Most of the cyber security attacks happen because people are unaware of spammy links and they don’t know about phishing attacks.

And it can be used to provide more security and prevent a user from accessing unwanted sites. Most of the businesses are investing money in cybersecurity tools to prevent cybersecurity attacks. Thieves are installing malware in users’ laptops to access their personal data.

AI in medical

In the past, to make a vaccine, it takes decades of research and development. For the recent pandemic, the trial was made after three months of research. Here AI played a significant role in studying about the virus. It made the process super fast, and it provided an effective solution for the virus.

Every virus has thousands of protein components as protection to it. Artificial intelligence can help with cracking these outer proteins, where it can predict the reaction of responses for different models. AI use in Vaccenie is revolutionary and innovative way to tackle the upcoming events.

AI in Self driving cars

In recent times autonomous cars have been trending in the market. And they are getting massive responses from users, so the car companies are trying to provide fully self-driving car technology. And few companies are testing complete self driving taxi services.

AI playes a significant role in the self driving car, where it has to take decisions in real time on it own, these ai models are training hundreds of hours in realtime. AI cars are going to get more popular in the future.

AI in voice assistance

Nowadays every home has smart speaker assistants like alex or google, AI players major role in development of these smart speakers to make conversation more natural. The smart speaker’s demand is rising day by day due to remote work culture.

AI in Language models

ChatGPT, an open AI project developed using artificial intelligence, it was released in the year 2022. it less time, it has reached a hundred million users. Open AI has other popular projects based on this technology, like DALL-E 2 and open AI codex.

The chat GPT is trained on data which helps it to provide answers to general questions asked by users. These language models got huge responses from users. chatGPT is trained with large data sets, which helps it to generate meaningful total output for the user.

It is trained with a large amount of vocabulary and information. And it uses user inputs to learn and become more proficient next time.Recently Google announced its chat GPT competition named google BARD.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is one of the main parts of artificial intelligence that works on neural network technology. The neural networks provide example data to computers, by which they will learn how to perform a specific task. Neural networks are nothing but hidden layers.

Usually, there are 2-3 hidden layers, and it can go up to 150 hidden layers. In deep Learning, AI is trained on huge data model it requires a graphics processor to run. The most common application of deep Learning is object tracking and detection, providing security for users whenever a target approaches near.

AI in Hardware

As the increase in artificial intelligence is used, the use of advanced hardware processors also increases because regular processors can not be used to run complex data sets and the most powerful AI. Companies are building new generation AI chips specially focused on AI models.

These AI hardware models include a power full CPU and GPU unit to process large data. These chips are most useful in health care and research and development units.


In conclusion, Artificial intelligence is advanced computer language to communicate with different devices. it contains data, functions, blocks, and models. Companies will monitor these AI models for a better experience.


What is the most advanced AI in 2022?

There are a lot of advanced AI models are available, but the most advanced AI model is ChatGPT 3, which was released in November 2022. chatGPT is developed by openAI company which also developed DALL E-2 and more Advanced AI models.

What is the most common AI used today?

There are a lot of applications which uses AI model, but here are few most common examples of Artifical intelligence in maps and navigation to provide a better and accurate travelling experience.

AI in facial detection and security for applications. AI in chatbots, nowadays every company has their own chatbot to give instant support to user. These chat bots are trained on simple data they can answer simple questions.

Who is the father of AI?

John McCarthy is known as the father of artificial intelligence. He used the word artificial intelligence in 1950.

What is the biggest AI model?

a Chinese supercomputer named Sunway exaflop is used to train an AI system called BaGuaLu with 174 trillion data parameters. Which is the largest data set ever trained.

What is the most common type of AI?

Reactive AI is the most commonly used AI model. this reactive AI model is used to provide protection-based outups and these are situational based models.

Who is the father of AI?

John McCarthy is known as the father of AI. he is one of the most known name when it comes to AI

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