10 facts about eminem you shoud know

Deborah Rae and Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr., who are Eminem's parents, performed together in a band called Daddy Warbucks 

Marshall's father left him and his mother before Marshall's birth, therefore, during the majority of his upbringing, Marshall and his mother lived together on their own. 

eminem does not like reading books. he only reads comic books

Eminem worked as a cook, within few days he was fired. that made him to write song  ''Rock Bottom''

Eminem got the idea of slim shady in a toilet. later he called everyone he know

Eminem inspired by beastie boys, later he decided to do rap

Reckless by ice T is the first ever rap song he heard

LL Cool J's "I Make My Own Rules" is the only book Eminem said to have read in its entirety. 

Eminem failed ninth grade three times before drop out

Eminem favorite NFL team is Dallas Cow Boys

Eminem does not know how to use computer

Eminem wrote ''Lose Yourself'' on the sets of 8 miles

Eminem most favorite movie is superbad

Eminem is most subscribed Hip Hop artist on youtube 40million plus

Eminem has more than 63 million RIAA certified songs

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