How do I make my iPhone battery percentage show permanently

How do I make my iPhone battery percentage show permanently


Many iPhone users are found frustrated by their battery percentage indicator, which disappears from the top bar after a few seconds of inactivity. It will be very frustrating when you don’t know the remaining battery life.

You have been in a situation where your iPhone was dead in an emergency.It is easy to display battery percentage permanently on the Iphone. Here we will discuss different methods to display the rate permanently.

Enable Battery Percentage from Settings:

This is the most straightforward method to display permanent battery indicators. This setting is available on every model of iPhone, which can be enabled in a few steps.

After enabling the battery indicator from settings, you will quickly see the battery life in a top bar without navigating to the control center or asking Siri. The battery percentage is on the top right corner beside the battery icon.

this option will be beneficial to people who rely most time on their Iphones for different uses throughout the day. With the visibility of the percentage, you can track the Battery and avoid unexpected shutdowns in the middle.

Follow the below steps to Enable the Battery percentage indicator:

Step 1: Open the settings

The first step is to enable your iPhone battery percentage to show permanently. Open your settings just by tapping the setting icon.

Step 2: Go to Battery

Once you are in the settings app, scroll down the options until you see the battery option. Then tap on it to continue

Step 3: Enable Battery Percentage

once you are in the battery section, you see many options. Find an option called ” Battery Percentage”. Then simply toggle the button you will see the percentage remaining in the Battery will be visible on the right side of the battery icon.

step4: Just enjoy the Permanent battery percentage display.

Additional methods

The above steps are all you need to follow to make your Iphone battery percentage show permanently. Other methods are also available to view battery percentage.

Use a Virtual Assistant to display the percentage.

One of the most convenient ways to check the battery percentage is by using Siri. it is an Apple virtual assistant which allows you to make various operations just by saying to it. Checking the battery percentage is one of the things that you can do with the assistant.

To use Siri to display battery percentage, you simply activate it by holding the home button and saying, “Hey, Siri “. Once the assistant is activated, simply give the command to it. Siri will respond to you with the percentage.

This method of checking battery percentage is useful when you are hurry and don’t have time to navigate through the control will be significant to one who always prefers voice commands to interact with devices.

The other advantage of Virtual assistant is it works when your iPhone is also locked. This means that you can check your battery percentage without unlocking it. This is very powerful tool to check battery level quickly and easily.

Follow These steps to check battery percentage using Siri

1. Activate Siri by holding the home button

Press and hold home button on your iPhone and say “Hey Siri”. Then your Virtual assistant gets activated.

2. Ask Siri, “What’s my battery percentage?”

After activating, Siri gives a command to the assistant saying “Hey Siri What’s my battery percentage?”

3. Response with battery percentage

Siri will respond to your command with the current battery percentage like “Your battery is at 82 percent”.

The rate displayed on a screen with addition to voice response, Siri will show the battery percentage on the net. This will be useful for checking battery levels without asking to Siri every time.

Use a Third-Party App:

Not only the inbuilt features of an iPhone. There are many third-party applications to track the battery percentage, and they are always visible to you on your screen. These applications will offer advanced features for battery management.

Battery applications like Battery Life and Battery HD+ will provide health information about your iPhone battery. These applications will give you alerts and notifications when your mobile consumes high power, when the charging is complete etc.

This will also provide an idea about the apps which is consuming more battery.While choosing third party apps from the app store make sure to read reviews by other users. Check the apps compatibility and reliability with your model.

A. search in the app store by typing with relevant keywords like “Battery Percentage,” which will bring you the list of apps available in the app store which provides battery information.

Download and install the app after reading the reviews and compatibility by clicking on the “Download” or “get” button. Once downloading is finished, installation starts automatically.

Open the application from the apps on your home screen. The app will display the battery percentage.

Some apps will offer many extra features which are required like health information, battery tracking, and has options to optimize battery health.

Assistive touch:

Assistive touch is another feature in iPhones that allows users to access some functions and features quickly without Physical buttons. One of the functions is it provides battery indicators.

To activate assistive touch, open Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and toggle the switch to enable.

Follow the below steps to add the battery indicator to the assistive touch menu.

Step 1: open Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch.

Step 2: Tap on Customize Top Level Menu.

Step 3: Tap the plus sign (+) to add new item.

Step 4: select Battery from the list of options.

Step 5: Drag the Battery icon to the desired location.

by following all these steps you can make your battery percentage show all the time.


It is essential to have a permanent display of battery percentage on your Iphone to monitor the battery. This will avoid unexpected shutdowns.

Enabling the battery percentage from setting is the most straightforward and quickest way. And you can also use Siri, third party applications from Appstore.

Each of these has its own advantages with other. It is important to choose which is suitable for you. with the permanent battery percentage display, you can use your Iphone without worrying about battery life.

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