Automotive New Technology Innovations

Automotive New Technology Innovations


In the modern era many new technologies are inventing in the Automotive industry. The new innovations in the automotive sector are Electric Vehicles (EV’s), Self-Driving (Autonomous Driving), Augmented reality (AR), 3D Printing, Connectivity, Human voice operated, Digitalization, Advanced Materials.

As every industry is moving towards the technology development for their products, The same way Automotive industry also moving towards the bright future. So that they can get more profits from the sales.

Every industry is in the forefront of the future technologies. automotive industry also should keep their interest in the upcoming innovative technologies so that they can survive in this high competition.

This sector is incorporating the new innovative technologies in their industries for the development of new automobiles like AI, Big Data analytics, connectivity, Machine Learning etc.

Here are the Automotive New Technology Innovations. this new advanced technology will provides next generation products

Electric vehicles (EV’s):

Previously the automobile industry has not invested in the battery operated cars, busses or trucks But after the price hikes in the crude oil and the consumption all the Industry heads are investing in the research of batteries for their production.

Low fuel consumption and highly efficient electric vehicles , driving the government agencies and car manufacturers to invest in the battery research.

The demand is increasing for Electric vehicles because of the Environment friendly Vehicles with longer ranges and fast charging capability.

By 2025 we can see a greater number of startups for the electric car making which improves to make it affordable to every one at lower prices and developments in battery.

Self-Driving (Autonomous Driving):

Self-driving is the one of the new innovations in this industry. In automotive industry AI based self driving cars are making first place in the new innovations. These are the vehicles that does not depend on the drivers they operate mainly by the software ,sensors and artificial intelligence technology, Mapping, cameras etc

Many of the car making companies are in competition in making the fully autonomous driving cars just by the instruction given to it .we are very long away from the fully automated cars which take some time.

Companies such as Tesla, Uber and other are in the 4th and the 5th stages of self driving cars. Where the stage four is fully self-driving car without driver whereas the stage 5 is the self-driving a car at any environment conditions.

3D Printing:

3D printing technology is the new technology also called as the additive manufacturing technology in which they create a Three-dimensional object layer by layer using Computer aided designs.

The rise in the demand for the automotives the companies and the manufacturers are using new innovative ideas for the development of the new automotive and optimize their manufacturing, and supply chain.

The 3D printing technology is mostly used for the prototypes in the previous years but by the enhancement of the technology to the requirements the products which are developed using 3d printing mechanism, are use as the end products and also as tools.


As of technology is growing day by day everything is remotely operated and connected various devices for operation. Such as remote LOCK/ UNLOCK, GPS tracking has become standard features in the automotives vehicle-to -vehicle, vehicle -to -infrastructure are some other features added list.

Cars are connected to the applications via wifi to share the information like air pressure of the tyres, speed of the vehicle, location, vehicle engine condition.

There are some other applications connected to automotives sensors to know the traffic in that location, whether condition.

Augmented reality (AR):

Augmented reality (AR) Technology is using for driver’s experience .AR technology is been introduced in the automotive industry for enhancing the real time experience of the driver in many cases.

The applications of AR in the industry are heads-up displays HUD’s, dashboards and many other. This technology helps in getting the real time data about the road ,traffic and weather conditions.

For an example, we can consider heads-up displays HUD’s AR application to understand actually how AR works in the automotive industry.

Ar HUD projects the information on the wind shield of the cars, which allows the driver to see the navigation and other information related to car such as range, temperature, speed.

Human voice operated:

The self-driving cars are operates based on the software installed in it .they run without drivers .The new technology is developed in automotives to engage driver with the vehicle by giving commands to it. This are voice-based assistants which manages the vehicles for better performance.

Companies are installing this feature in the new models mostly in the premium sector . BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz etc are some of the car companies which are installing the Human Machine-interface in their carsThe above features make the driving safe and fun to the driver.


Automotive industry also incorporated the digitalization.  the traditional method of buying and selling of cars is going to the car dealer and checking all the features and then thinking to buying or not which is a long-time taking process.

This has been digitalized through mobile apps where you can buy or sell automotives at your own space. The development of virtul reality and internet of things (IOT) in the automotive digitalization is adopted by the top players in the industry. 

Advanced Materials:

The traditional methods to make cars is by aluminium and steel. In present times efficiency, mileage and build quality are main focussing factors for the car makers.

New materials have been developed by years of research like graphene and carbon fiber for automotive and other applications.  These materials are light in weight and has high strength compared to others.

For example if we make a car using carbon fiber than steel ,it reduces the overall weight of the body which in turn improves the fuel efficiency and handling .

Graphene is also developed to use in the batteries to improve the battery density and also they can be used in the EV’s to make it affordable to everyone.

These are the some of the new technologies in the automotive industry. Thera re many other new innovative technologies under research and development stage. As the technology is continue to grow, we can see many other new technologies in the automotive industry and other industries too.


Automotive industry Is one of the leading industries, which is rapidly evolving with the new innovative technologies. The new technologies has driven to the development of the electric vehicles, self-driving cars, augmented reality, 3D printing, connectivity, digitalization, and advanced materials and many other.

The incorporation of these technologies had improved the driving experience, fuel efficiency and sustainability in the industry. With the increase in the need of eco-friendly vehicle’s electric vehicle’s demand is growing day by day.

Using technologies like AI, Big data analytics, and machine learning improves the industry efficiency. Automotive industry should continue to keep the new technologies and innovations .

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